“If I were asked under the sky, human mind was most fully developed some of its choicest gifts. I should point to India” 

- By Maxmuller  (Studies in the Cultural History of India, p, 8).

History Marred,
Fabricated & Destroyed

India had such a great diversified huge culture. Who had made it? How was it destroyed or diverted? The people were not illiterate. Did they not keep a Record of their history?
“The Icons discovered at Mohenjo-Daro are those of gods and goddesses who are still worshiped in India some people are therefore inclined to believe that such literature did exist, and explain its absence by a theory of ‘Wholesale Destruction’ " ( History and Culture of Indian People, vol.I, p, 47).
“The whole of India was flourishing with One Great Culture of a homogenous ‘One brotherhood Nation’ of the Dravidians called the Tamilagom or the Tamil Country, until it was broken into pieces, perhaps, not by swords, but by ‘Pen’ used with Crafty Brain, played in the fields of languages, intoxicated with the sentiments of ‘Religion’ perhaps after the 2nd millennium BC” (The Dravidian Lineages –Nadars through the Ages…p, 8)
This diversion or fabrication is still continued. The reason is foreign invasion from Aryans, Moguls, the French, Dutch, British, etc. There are several Agents for it, created by each sectarian. The Main language was divided. The main Race is divided. New yardsticks of Class and Community Codes of laws like the Sanadhana Dharma, Manusmriti were created crippling the original Chandogya Dharma of common people. It is needed to analyze all these factors for the diversion of history.

Nadar History:
Suppressed / Falsified / Diverted 

‘Trippapur’ = Thiru-Pappu is the Ruling Dynasty of Travancore. Marthanda Varma the great was one among them. Trippapur comes under the 39 Branches of Shannan or Nadars of India (Census Report of India, 1901). This confirms Nadars were the rulers of Travancore. They have titles like Nadalwar, Perumal, Nayanar, etc. What is the link between the Nadars and the present occupants of the Palace? No historian has questioned, validated or equated the present occupants of the Palace in tune with this basic dynastic Record. Why the occupants do not declare the truth to the world? Whether it is the Treasures, deity of the temple that binds them most? Historically the Nadars are more bound to both of these factors. They were bound to the treasure, were more bound to the deity, Sri Padmanabha. Then, who, and how they were separated? None of the historians has ever questioned, analyzed or explained.

In the year, 1956, Travancore, the original Tamil country was divided into the present Kanyakumari district, and the Malayalized State of Kerala. One Truck load full of Palm-leaf documents pertaining to ancient history were sent from Kerala to this District vide letter NO. CRL-35/57/PD dated 7. 3. 57, and duly was received by District Collector, Sri R.Tirumalai. These vital records were hidden, taken way, travelled to many places to avert history, to suit to the vested interests, to destroy, to modify, to make new editions to suit their taste and purpose, in their convenient time after a laps of half a century. What is the motto behind?

In the political struggles with the allied group of Thampimar, Ettu Viittil Pillamar, Nambutiris; and Martanda Varma, the crown prince had to flee for life. But, Marthanda Varma “was ably helped by a Chanan” and the Nadar army of Asans, led by Anandapadmanaban Nadar, in 1729. This army of Nadar-Asans made Marthanda Varma King and expanded the country to make the greater Travancore. The King had gifted huge lands (144000 acres) and Copper plate to Anandan in 1748. This history is being twisted, fabricated and bent down by C.V.Raman Pillai to fetch glory to the Pillais and Nairs, falsifying Anandan as a Nair. Although Madras High Court has certified Anandan’s legitimacy, Anandan’s Case has been thrashed by the later ruling authorities. C.V’s falsified book was issued with Sahithya Academy Award through political influence. This was opposed, but of no avail. So is the state of ‘Justice to History’ in this Sanskritised land.

According to Stone Inscription of 1055 AD, Chola King Rajaraja Chola is a “Nadalwan”. His name is ‘Rajaraja Vellappa’. (Inscription ID. NO.1968/56). But certain criminals of history try to hijack even this clear record.

Historian Fr. Heras records that the Nadars as ‘Phoenicians’ (ancient warrior class of Toddy tappers) had ruled even Egypt in c.2250 BC, as the ‘Pharaoh Marikara IXth Dynasty. (Studies in Proto-Indo-Mediterranean Culture, vol.I ). No historian of our times would like to mention such parts of history to the world, rather would bury it under the sands of time.

Herodotus, the first historian of the world, records that Phoenicians were the earliest Sailors and International Traders in the world. These Phoenicians were Toddy tappers, with mastery in Sails of Oceans, able warriors, men of letters and traded in ‘Purple’. They were also called as Palm-Asians, ‘Panais’ =Phoenicians, Miniyans, and Etruscans. They had numerous titles as Nanadesis, Valanjiyer, Padinen Vishaiyer, Manigramakar, Valamkaiyer, Ezhunootruar, munnutruar, ainootruvar, Uyya kondar, etc. as applied to ancient Nadars [Valamkai Malai Paml-leaf Text]. Historians ridiculed these toddy tappers in the 20th century and ignored their title in inscriptional history, like Talaka, Panayan, Talanka (Thanchai Peru Udayar Koil Inscriptions). We need unbiased historians.

We see that even in the 15th century and early 17th century AD, Nadars were the in-charge of the great Treasures of Padmanabaswamy Temple, Trivandrum. They were Raman Kothai and Ayyappan Kothai, the relatives of King Marthanda Varma of 1459 AD. They were also in charge of the deity, bringing water and giving sacred bath to the god. (Matilagam Recordugal) But, these Nadalwars are thrown out of temple by some crooked traitors. The original owners are thrown out, and some illegitimates occupy the temple? History suffers.

The greatest treachery to the Nadars had occurred in 1810 AD, when their King Udaya Marthanda Kulasekara Perumal (Rama Varma IX) was poisoned and killed by the enemies. This treacherous plan was executed by a combined plan of Pillamar, Ummini Thampi, Mathu Tharakan, Nambutiris in combination with the British. They propagated that the King died of natural causes to avoid commotion in the Public. The wife and children of the King were “driven away” (The Forgotten Dynasty Behind the Biggest Hoards of India). Those who want to take care of history themselves destroy history!!

The Original families of Pandaravagai Puthuppurakal Royal members of Travancore were thrown out of their “Pandaravagai (Treasury) Possession (Sons of the Soil Vs Migrants). Their Case 1420/1955, although was judged in favour of them, the government denied justice by telling lies that the records been burnt down. They had to file Writ petition in Madras High Court to get permission from the Archaeological dept. and the govt. departments. But, copy of the dynastical Copper-plate was denied to them, in spite of Court order. They got only a huge list of properties of land enlisted under the “Pandaravagai”. Authorities seem to have aversion to part with true information to Nadars.


Edigas are a branch of Nadars mentioned in the list as “Itanat”. In Telugu, it is called “Eatha Sethu”= Date-Palm. The Ediga Nadans were the great masters of the Vijayanagara Empire, with 360 trade points all over the world. In 1807, their famous temple, Thirupathi was looted and the real heir was thrown out making the treasures and powers to the agents of British. Their history also was ploughed down like that of the Nadars. Many agents have been put in charge of their kingdom. The power of Vijayanagara Nadans (Ediga branch) were so high with 360 trade points, that the East India Company had borrowed their International Trade Symbol, ‘the Tiger with Date-Palm’ which, after independence of India, is retained by the ‘Reserve Bank of India, today. But, the history and historicity of Ediga Nadars is simply left to a very lamentable level, like that of the Nadars, with ultra-exploitation in economy and history itself. The confusions created by the agents, have made crippling of their history as well. These all, are the effects of the power of the ‘Third Force’ working against the indigenous breeds and their history.

One of the unbiased historical Researcher, Fr. Heras clearly states that the ancestors of Nadars as Phoenicians had established the big Hittite empire. They were called by names like Miniyans, Etruscans’, Panais (Talaka), etc., centuries before Christ. ( Studies in Proto-Indo-Mediterranean Culture). These facts of history are being buried by historians of modern times.

As back as 2220 BC, a branch of Phoenicians, who had settled down in Egypt, have returned to India, and in Goa, they had established the great “Chandor Puri”(City of Nadars). A model of this great city can be seen in the Museum of Goa. It was erected by the Portuguese (its I.D.NO is 20). But, recently, our archaeologists are trying to bring down its period to around 4th century AD. This is too much unbecoming of archaeological logics of the world. 


CHLIRO-INDIA, a historical research Organization in Kanyakumari district has submitted a 71 page memorandum to the Chief Minister, through the district Collector, citing numerous records to the account that the Nadalwars were a race from a ‘Casteless’ culture, but today are known in many names. That their ancestors were ruling Travancore, with Eraniel as Capital palace. It was called the ‘Mother palace’ for the Venadu rulers. Because this portion of the property, along with Puliyurkuchi fort, had come to the share of the descendants of Udaymartanda Kulasekara Perumal, a fit memorial be erected in the Palace, when it is re-built. This request was examined by the district Collector, and has favoured Chliro-India with a replay. But, ultimately, the Collector has forwarded the memorandum to the “Hindu Religions and Charitable Endowment” at Chennai, instead of to the Chief Minister. This is another setback for history, the intrusion of such religious Bodies in the matter of historical correction and rebuilding. This is a serious issue that the historians are to examine and decide.

The Family of Pottal Nadans are overthrown out, even though they have their traditional KoKathavu (Royal Gate, like the ‘Western Gate’) for the King to enter in.

There is a falsified record in Trivandrum State Museum. It says that the King has given free declaration of ‘Temple Entry’ to Nadars. Facts remain that the Nadars, after they had been dethroned, had fought for 40 long years to get back their original Rights (A History of the London Missionary Society in South Travancore-1806-1959).

Researchers abundantly refer to and discuss matters from Puranaas like Vishnu puranam, Koorma puranam, Machcha puranam, Arunachala puranam, Linga purana, Tirunelveli puranam, Tiruvilayadar puranam, etc. Referring to all the puranams they write stories and histories. Those ‘historians’ have totally neglected the work in “Amarar Puranam” which is inclusive of all the 18 puranams. It states that all these gods, goddesses, and kings are of ‘Dravidian origin, black in colour, except few which are semi-black, of Dravidian nature. This negligence is a great loss to the true history of India and the indigenous people, the Tamils.

Another important Palm-leaf text is Valamkaimaalai, narrating history from beyond 1st century BC. It refers to the Kings of Ujjaini and Sri Lanka. This text was preserved in Hindu temples like Madurai Meenakshi, till a few decades ago, but found ‘Missing suddenly’. This Palm-leaf text contains many inner-cores of Tamil history, especially, of Nadars. Such base-root historical texts are over run or neglected by our historians. It is a loss to basic history of the land.

Historians are of the opinion that the historical references found in Jatakas of Buddhist texts are more reliable than Brahmanical versions based on fabricated Puranas (History and culture of Indian People vol.I- Bharatiya Vidhyabhavan-1951). It also says that in Culture, “over twelve annas in the rupee (of 16 annas) is of non Aryan origin”. This indicates almost total Aryanization of Indian history and culture, into later Sanskrit, thereby suppressing and misleading original Tamil history. This is a loss to the original history as the history of Eraniel palace is getting complicated by the intrusion of such forces.

Historians of Base-root history are of the opinion that ‘originally from a Casteless society, when Sanadhana Dharmam (Caste system) was created, it was in the priority order of “Kshatriya, Brhamana, Vaisya, Sudra; and in due course, it was changed to the present status: Brahmana, Kshatriya,Vaishya, Sudra’ ( History and Culture of Indian People, vol.I). This indicates a forced indulgence and intrusion of the Brahmanic group into the social system of India. This creates confusion in the social history of the land, especially of the Tamils, as is faced by Eraniel Palace.

It is through the above intrusion of the Brahmanical elements that all the indigenous Ruling Classes of India are today designated as Backward Class, O.B.C, and Dalits, etc. This is something very important to be pondered with. The Rajputs are marked as Backward Class only. So the rest of them!! Who made them so?

History also points out that on ‘religious chauvinism, in the 8th century AD, “8000 Jain Saints had been sent to the gallows in the same day, in the Tamil country” (The Dravidian lineages-Nadars through the Ages). This very well shows us, how history had been crippled and hammered upon, by the groups of vested interests.

There are several theories promoted for the origin of Sanskrit language. It was claimed to be a “Deva-Bhasha- language of the gods”. That theory has been broken now. Its origin in India, as far archaeological proof goes, is found only from 2nd or 4th century AD, (HCIP, vol, II) whereas Tamil writings go even to 11th century BC, (Tolkappiyar kaalam-Mathivanan) with Tolkappiyar grammar, and on inscriptional finds: of a Toddy tapper, goes 1st century BC, greater than Sanskrit.

The amazing part of the story is that of the “Varma Sastra” of Nadars. This is one of the greatest sciences of the world, dealing with Yoga, Neuro-medical Science dealing with life, Kalari of various defenses and offences worked on Jiiva kalai (the life centres of the body), etc. This Sastra, in Palm-leaf bundles, is abundant in the Kanyakumari district, where the Nadar population is 80% and above, even today. There are many branches in this Sastra available in Kanyakumari district and Neyyattinkara taluk of present Kerala. In recent days, this Sastra is being tried to be copied in some Sanskrit institutions sponsored by their agents. But, for explanations, they have to come to Nadar expert Varma-Asans only. The Sastra is written in Tamil, and one such Palm-leaf Text, ‘VarmaCutiram’ was recovered from a Buddhist Monastery of Japan, written in Tamil. It was recently transcribed in English, by the Institute of Asian Studies, Madras, in 1994. Bankruptcy of this super-human Science in Sanskrit vouch for the fact for Aryanization of Tamil culture and sciences, in the past. History of Eraniel Palace too should not be allowed to be hijacked to their plan. Now, the Dravidian people, their history and the well groomed culture of the Tamils, are at tender hooks, as that of the Eraniel Palace.

There hundreds of such information of hijacking history to a misdirected lines and levels which are to be checked and rectified by civilized modern society. 

Funny /
Venomous Record-keeping 

In the year, 1998, one article was published about Eraniel Palace in a historical magazine. In 2002, one book on the history of Nadars was released. Within a couple of years, the Eraniel palace started to be demolished one part after the other, to see its collapse almost in 2012, within a span of 10 years!

After formation of the Cheraman Perumal Memoraial Family Trust, Jagadish Ayya, the descendant of King Udya Martanda Kulasekara Perumal, died in 2008, at the age of 93. He has handed over the documents to the Trustee manager, Sri John Rose. When the Trustee approached the authorities to recover and rebuild the building, there happened the funniest of all funny games.

They told him that there was no record of any palace there. Then they told that the palace was under the control of School for backward classes. In his letter dated 28.03.2006, the DRO says “the area of 0.98.0 hector land for the palace has been marked as School purampoku, and there is no mention of Eraniel palace there and no information about any Eraniel palace at all. It is a mistake that no information in that ‘A’ document about the Palace. He also says in that same letter that “we can issue letter ordering to change this and there is no objection to change the ‘School porampoku and change it to Eraniel palace”.

Then the district collector approves the construction of a hostel for girl students, in the premises. But the work was stopped by INTACH letter, dated 16.10.2006 and subsequent Court notice. Then on 13.09.2006 the district Collector, Sunil Paliwal issued a letter NO.C1/ 4273/2006, dt: 5.10.06, (as is marked) as “The Palace is said to be under control of Devaswam Board of Suchindrum”

In an yet another letter, Sitaraman Kurumurti of Archaeological Dept., said “The above said Palace is demarked under the title: “School” hence the school authorities are requested to stop using/ constructing any further”. Consequently, the Revenue Divisional Officer Padmanabapuram, has issued a letter vide B2/8589/2006 dated, 5.1.2007, saying: “I submit that the necessary proposal has been called for in the letter cited for Change of Classification of land in S.No.487/1 OF Eraniel village”

A administrative department meant for the protection of all the records of the land, is unable to know that there was a Palace in at Eraniel. A palace of 500-1000 years of historicity can be allowed to go to thin air, just by a village clerk (is it without the knowledge of the proper Official; if without the knowledge, why was he not punished). Such an important historical palace is named after a school which came only 30 years ago. Who gave permission for it? Who gave permission to archaeological department to claim a private property? Everybody knows the ‘Political Turmoil’ happened under the Travancore State in those days. Would there be no justice to co-relate all the events of history happened in the land, before taking a final decision? Is it that everyone here wants to see the ultimate burial of the history of Nadars as because they always want to protect the rights of the Tamils, the great Dravidian Race?

Thus, the Palace area of Eraniel which had spread to 12.5 k.m, was reduced to 4.5, 1.8 and finally remaining at its verge of vanishing to air, unless youths of modern history come forward to re-build the palace as well as its glorious history.

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